Within Taiwan, TAIC identifies investment opportunities in corporations that possess business potential, innovative agricultural technology, a stable and agriculture-friendly environment. Through this collaboration, TAIC invests in each corporations' development through providing resources such as investment funds and government appointed academia. Together, we ensure the achievement of a balance of production and sales through the use of new processing technology and promotion in agricultural innovation and development. Agricultural production will exponentially strengthen in production and reduce in costs.

Assisting the Development of Agricultural Industry for Countries with Diplomatic Relations

Central and South America is rich in land and resources and has a unique climate for the development of agriculture. TAIC looks forward to collaborating with local enterprises to integrate investment and technical guidance, linking the agricultural industry chain from production to sales, creating a business system for agricultural products in countries with diplomatic relations, strengthening farmers' technical capabilities and professionalism for commercial production, which can ultimately promote industry development.

New Southbound Policy: Market Development in Southeast Asia

Singapore is one of the biggest trading hubs in Southeast Asia and is also an outpost for all international commodities entering the Southeast Asian market. We seek to establish cooperative economic relationships with trade units and key distributors in Southeast Asian countries. TAIC will act as an integrational platform of playing the role as part of Taiwan's national team, looking to join hands with domestic players to enter the southbound market.

Domestic Agricultural Investment and Development

With the combined mutual respect and agreement from Taiwan's government and agricultural industry, TAIC was created to select promising agricultural enterprises and technologies. By combining the practical knowledge and experience of the agriculture industry with the technological achievements of Taiwan's domestic agricultural research units, we will further strengthen Taiwan's agriculture industry structure. We aim to reduce cost, increase production capacity, create profit and innovation, and transform Taiwan's agriculture industry to an enterprise by implementing sustainable operation.

A New International Image

Taiwan's agriculture, forestry, fishery and animal husbandry production technology and the quality of agricultural products are unique in the international market. Taiwan's fruit and vegetable products, aquatic products, and animal products have been welcomed all over the world. Today, Taiwan's Agriculture industry also welcomes the international market with a renewed attitude: through the combination of stable quality control and cold chain logistics, we will be able to globally exhibit Taiwan's most refined agricultural products. By assisting key players in the agriculture industry, we are able to promote overseas marketing, giving Taiwan's agricultural products a new international image. In the same time, TAIC will be establishing a diversified network channel in order to open up emerging markets and give Taiwan's agriculture product a high-quality and innovative image.