TAIC Holds Agricultural Products Online Selection Conference

The establishment of the "Taiwan Agricultural Products Zone" in HAO mart Pte Ltd marks an important concrete achievement for our New Southbound Policy. This achievement was a product of the Agricultural Technology Research Institute's continuous efforts in actively developing and promoting Taiwan's agricultural products in emerging market channels. Our dedication has provided fruitful results, where Hao Mart Pte. Ltd is now responsible for agricultural product selection, procurement, operation and sales for Singaporeans to enjoy. Taiwan's Certified Agricultural Standards (CAS) is responsible for recommending Taiwan's high-quality agricultural products and providing business-related information, while TAIC is responsible for organizing procurement meetings and agricultural products to be discussed on the day. In 2019 the "Taiwan Agriculture Products Zone" was first established, where Hao Mart supermarket began to select 33 Taiwanese manufacturing companies with a total of 224 agricultural products. In November of 2019, the first procurement meeting was held in Taiwan, where further partnership resulted in Hao Mart's commitment to 56 Taiwanese agro-food manufacturers, totaling to 344 products.

In response to the pandemic this year, the second agricultural products procurement meeting was held in an online video mode, inviting domestic agricultural product manufacturers to participate and introduce the most distinctive Taiwanese agricultural products to Singapore. The virtual conference was held at TAIC's Taipei Office, allowing Hao Mart Pte. Ltd representatives to negotiate and procure real-time with 75 industry players promoting 376 new agricultural products. The local marketing experience of HAO mart Pte Ltd will be promoted locally. Excellent Taiwanese agricultural products and building a high-quality image make Singapore the first step for Taiwanese agricultural products to enter the Southeast Asian market. We will also hold the third selection meeting in the next year (2021). We hope that in the future, Taiwan Agricultural Investment will continue to serve as a communication platform for Taiwan's agricultural products and the new southbound country, leading the industry to advance the new southbound market as a national team.

Agricultural Products Online Selection Working Activity

Instant soup products introduction

Plant-based meat products introduction

Processed rice & noodle products introduction

Livestock products introduction

Local soybeans and red beans product introduction