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Taiwans cultivated carrots are mainly imported from Japan and are mainly produced in the central and southern regions of Taiwan. Taiwanese carrots are highly recognized by Japanese importers due to their dense, tender, sweet, and high-quality flesh. The government promotes the production of carrots for export, strictly controls the use of pesticides, and conducts pesticide residue testing before and after harvest in order to ensure the best quality of carrots. The main exported carrots from Taiwan are Hsiangyang No. 2 varieties, which are about 20 cm long and weigh about 250 grams. These carrots appear vibrant and healthy, with fine texture, high on fiber and sweetness, making it sweet and delicious, suitable for both raw and cooked food. Due to its storage durability, it is currently the main variety exported to Japan. 

Production Period 
From December to April of the following year, it is the peak production period. Since it can be refrigerated, it can be supplied all year long.